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    Ribble Valley first-time buyer Grant Opportunity

    MEES are enforced through various mechanisms, including penalties for non-compliance, which can include fines. Compliance is the

    You can apply for a grant if you:

    • Are a first-time buyer and have lived or worked in Ribble Valley for the previous 12 months.
    • Intend to occupy the Ribble Valley property as your primary residence.
    • Are over the age of 18.
    • Earn less than £80,000 for a couple and £60,000 for a single applicant; you cannot fund the work cost from savings.

    What type of work is covered?

    The award may cover the following tasks:

    all of the items listed on the EPC certificate; any objects in disrepair that would be considered a hazard


    The approval of all grants is at the discretion of the local authority.

    Before completing the form, you will need to have the following documents electronically:


    Purchase documentation

    D-HH EPC Rating

    Copies of the most recent three months’ pay stubs or a P60

    Copies of all current, savings, and investment account statements (where applicable)

    All owners must provide a copy of their identification, such as a passport or driver’s licence.

    First-Time Buyer Grant Greener Homes Grant

    A grant of up to £15,000 is available to help first-time homebuyers in Ribble Valley make their homes more energy efficient or to make necessary improvements.

    The First-Time Buyer Greener Homes Grant seeks to address both housing affordability and climate change.

    The incentives will assist first-time purchasers who purchase a property with an energy performance certificate ranging from D to H in raising the rating to C or higher or addressing substantial disrepair.

    The property must be over ten years old, in council tax categories A to C, and in Ribble Valley.

    Applicants must be 18 or older, have a Ribble Valley connection, an income of less than £60,000 or a combined household income of less than £80,000, and intend to inhabit the home as their primary abode.

    We’ve assisted countless individuals in accessing their grants if you need more clarification about your eligibility. We’re here to offer our support and guidance to you as well.

    First-time buyers with ties to the Ribble Valley can apply for a grant of up to £15,000 to help enhance the home's energy efficiency rating through whole-house conversion or critical improvements.

    “Lamtans Engineering” can provide all of our skills and understanding of whole house retrofit to aid you in enhancing the energy efficiency of your property and constructing your dream first home in the gorgeous Ribble Valley surroundings.

    For additional information or to apply for the award, click on

    We may offer you a price for the cost of the work once your application has been approved.

    You are eligible for a grant if you meet all of the following criteria:

    You are a first-time buyer who has lived or worked in the Ribble Valley for 12 months.

    You must be over 18 and occupy the property as your primary residence.

    You make less than £60,000 per year as an individual or £80,000 as a couple.

    Off-grid residents can get up to £38,000 to make their dwellings more energy efficient.

    The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) is only available to homeowners who heat their houses with oil, LPG, solid fuel, or electricity. The Ribble Valley has a significant proportion of homes that use alternative energy sources and are thus potentially qualified to apply.

    Funding is available to warm up houses and improve energy efficiency. This means that the grant can be used for both insulation and the replacement of single-glazed windows or outdated wooden external doors. The grant may also be used to pay for installing low-carbon heating systems.

    Homes must be energy inefficient and have an EPC grade of D, E, F, or G to qualify, and household income must be less than £31,000. Residents who receive a means-tested benefit will be automatically eligible. Residents will not be required to contribute to any eligible work that is completed.

    Landlords can also apply for a subsidy of up to £5,000 if the renter meets the overall eligibility conditions. Landlords must contribute 50% of the project’s cost.

    “Ribble Valley has a high percentage of off-mains gas properties,” said Rachael Stott, Ribble Valley Borough Council’s housing strategy officer. Locals must know what is available because rural properties are only sometimes eligible for grant programmes.

    Apply now for Ribble Valley Grants before it's too late.

    We would also encourage households to apply for the scheme now, well ahead of the winter months, so that any necessary maintenance may be completed and improvements in place for the unavoidably colder weather.”

    The initiative will operate until March 31, 2025, or until all funds are allocated, whichever comes first.

    Need Some Help.

    A member of our team will be happy to help. We will discuss your options and help you apply for ECO 4 Funding.

    Your Path to Homeownership in Ribble Valley

    Are you dreaming of owning your first home in the picturesque Ribble Valley? Taking that first step onto the property ladder can be a significant financial challenge. Fortunately, first-time buyer grants are available to help make your dream of homeownership a reality.

    What Are First-Time Buyer Grants?


    First-Time Buyer Grants are financial assistance programmes aimed at helping individuals or families purchase their first home. These grants are designed to ease the financial burden of buying a property and may include various forms of support, such as

    Financial Assistance: Grants may provide direct or down payment assistance to reduce upfront costs.

    Reduced Interest Rates: Some programmes offer first-time buyers lower interest rates on mortgages.

    Educational Resources: Access to resources and counselling to help you navigate the home-buying process.

    Benefits of First-Time Buyer Grants in Ribble Valley

    1. Financial Support First-Time Buyer Grants in Ribble Valley can provide you with financial support that reduces the initial costs of purchasing a home. This can make homeownership more affordable and achievable.
    2. Lower monthly payments With reduced interest rates or down payment assistance, you may enjoy lower monthly mortgage payments, helping you manage your finances more effectively.
    3.  Expert Guidance Many grant programmes offer educational resources and counselling to help you understand the home-buying process, from budgeting to closing the deal.
    4.  Local Community Becoming a homeowner in Ribble Valley means becoming part of a vibrant local community. Enjoy the beauty, culture, and amenities this area has to offer.


    Who is eligible for Ribble Valley First-Time Buyer Grants? Electric heating is required on the property.

    Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific grant programme. Typically, eligibility is based on income, property location, and whether you are a first-time homebuyer. Check with the Ribble Valley Borough Council or local housing authority for detailed eligibility requirements.

    Are these grants available only for specific types of properties?

    The availability of grants may vary for different property types, including residential, commercial, and institutional properties. Ensure you are applying for a grant that suits your intended property type.

    Can I apply for a grant if I've already started the home-buying process?

    Eligibility requirements may differ among programmes. Some grants are specifically for first-time buyers, while others may have broader eligibility criteria. Check with the grant programme to determine if you qualify.

    What types of assistance do these grants offer?

    First-time buyer grants may offer financial or down payment assistance to reduce upfront costs. Some programmes provide lower interest rates on mortgages. Additionally, they often offer educational resources and counselling to guide you through home-buying.