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    What EV charge point grants can you get in the UK?

    In the UK, many different grants are available for EVs to make the transition smoother.

    A few incentives are available in the UK to assist with the costs associated with transitioning to an electric vehicle (EV), with a significant emphasis on enhancing the charging infrastructure nationally.

    There are programmes to help employers pay for electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces, and landlords and municipal governments can receive aid for installing charging stations.


    Additionally, some alluring incentives are available that will make hybrid or electric cars an excellent option for your next company car.




    Is the Plug-In Car Grant still running?

    The Plug-In Car Grant, which at first provided support for the purchase of EVs, ended in June 2022. The administration claimed that this would enable it to concentrate on raising money to expand the public charging network.

    Even if you can no longer receive this assistance with the cost of buying a car, many drivers will find the grants to help set up charging stations useful.

    This will make the changeover much easier because many new EV drivers need help setting up a home charger or locating the best charging location.

    EV Charge Point Grant for Landlords

    When considering an EV, one obstacle you can encounter is how you can charge up if you rent your home and cannot install a charging point without your landlord’s consent.

    You can find the information on how to charge your EV without a home charging station on our website, but you may also ask your landlord to apply for one of the available incentives.

    The EV Charge Station Grant for Landlords offers cash to help landlords in the UK cover the cost of purchasing and installing a charge station.

    Residential landlords are eligible to apply for up to 200 awards each year.

    If you’re uncertain about your eligibility, rest assured that we’ve assisted countless individuals in accessing their grants. We’re here to offer our support and guidance to you as well.

    EV Charge Point Grant for Landlords

    Is there an electric car charging point grant?

    There have been numerous name changes when it comes to EV charger grants for electric vehicle charging stations. You may be familiar with the terms “OLEV grant scheme,” “OZEV,” and “EVHS,” which are essentially the previous names for the current EV charge point award. It covers a maximum of £350 and contributes 75% of the cost of installing one charge point in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Only homeowners who reside in apartments and those who rent out space are eligible for the programme, and you must have your own dedicated, private off-street parking space.

    Grants for local authorities

    The nationwide initiative to improve the charging network includes grants available to local governments to assist localities in switching to entirely electric transportation.

    Check out what’s on offer in your neighborhood, as programmes are currently available to help communities.

    On-Street Residential Charge Point Scheme

    For regions without private parking, the on-street residential charge point scheme contributes cash towards the expenses of building public charging stations.


    This will make it easier for everyone to switch to all-electric driving by providing additional charging locations for people without driveways and garages. If this might help your community, consider bringing it up with your local authority. It’s vital to apply for these grants while they’re still available.

    Local EV Infrastructure Scheme

    The Local EV Infrastructure Scheme was established to help local governments improve the number of places where electric vehicles may be charged. With the help of this financing, a variety of charging locations will be built, including hubs that resemble gas stations and speedier on-street charge points.

    Workplace Charging Scheme

    The Workplace Charging Scheme is a great option for businesses that want to install EV charging points at their workplace. It is a great initiative to encourage employees to use EVs to get to work, and the voucher-based scheme will offer support towards the purchase and installation. The grant will cover up to 75% of the cost of EV charger points for the workplace, capped at £350 per socket and up to 40 sockets across all sites per applicant.

    Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

    The switch to electric vehicles will significantly influence lowering carbon emissions as the UK works towards a net-zero economy.

    By 2030, 8 million electric vehicles are anticipated to be on the road thanks to the early implementation of the prohibition on new petrol and diesel vehicles. The infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations needs to be greatly improved for these numbers to be reached.

    Homes with a garage or driveway, offices, places of business, residential streets, town centres, public parking lots, and destinations like shopping malls or highway service stations can all have charging stations installed.

    Charging at home 

    Your electric car will be charged primarily at home, typically overnight. Ensure you are on a proper power tariff if you charge your EV at home. Keep an eye out for “off-peak” electricity rates that offer you a lower electricity rate overnight, such as “Economy 7.” Smart rates from some energy providers are now available, enabling you to charge your car at the lowest cost of the day.

    Workplace Charging

    As more companies expand their fleets of electric vehicles, it is critical to upgrade workplace charging station infrastructure. Employees, customers, and the company can all benefit from installing EV charging stations in strategic locations for offices, retail stores, industrial complexes, or recreational complexes.

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    What is the OZEV Grant?

    You are eligible for funding for the construction of electric car charging stations thanks to a grant programme established by the UK government and the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). We can suggest which permitted charging outlets will best fit your needs as an authorised OZEV installer.

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    Who is eligible for an EV charge point grant?

    Eligibility criteria vary by location and programme. Generally, businesses, municipalities, non-profits, and individuals looking to install EV charging stations may qualify for grants. LAMTANS Engineering can help assess your eligibility and guide you through the process.

    What types of grants are available?

    There are various types of grants, including installation, infrastructure development, and research. These grants may cover some of the costs of purchasing and installing EV charging equipment.

    How can LAMTANS Engineering assist with grant applications?

    LAMTANS Engineering offers expert guidance throughout the grant application process. We assess your specific needs, compile the required documentation, and submit the application on your behalf. Our goal is to maximise your chances of securing the grant.

    What are the benefits of installing EV charging points?

    Installing EV charging points offers several benefits, including attracting environmentally conscious customers, improving property value, and contributing to a cleaner environment by reducing reliance on fossil fuels.