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    First-time Central Heating Grant Opportunity

    Are you ready to transform your home into a cosy haven with modern central heating? At Lamtans Engineering, we understand the importance of warm and comfortable living spaces, especially during the colder months. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our First-Time Central Heating Grant, designed to make the transition to central heating seamless and affordable.

    Heating your home efficiently shouldn’t be a luxury. Our First-Time Central Heating Grant is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners who have never had central heating installed before. Every family deserves the comfort and energy savings that central heating can provide, and we’re here to help you make it happen.

    How to apply:

    Applying for the grant is simple:

    Get in touch with Lamtans Engineering to express your interest in the First-Time Central Heating Grant.

    Our team will guide you through the application process, helping you understand the requirements and documents needed.

    Once approved, we’ll work with you to schedule the installation at a convenient time for you.

    Take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your home’s heating system with Lamtans Engineering’s First Time Central Heating Grant. Say goodbye to chilly nights and hello to warmth and comfort. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards a cosier home.

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    Eligibility Criteria:

    To be eligible for the First-Time Central Heating Grant, you should:

    Own a property without an existing central heating system.

    Reside in an area covered by the grant program.

    Am I eligible for the government grant for first-time central heating?

    Certain criteria must be met to qualify for a first-time central heating award.


    For eligibility, your household must earn less than £31,000 per year. This is the sum for everyone living in the same household, whether you live alone or with others.

    Benefits: To be eligible for a first-time central heating grant, you must receive benefits. You are eligible for a variety of benefits, including:

    • Pension Benefit
    • The Universal Credit System
    • Allowance for Job Seekers Based on Income
    • Employment and Support Allowances based       on income
    • Income Assistance
    • Housing Benefit
    • Tax Credits (Child Tax Credit or Working Tax       Credit)
    • Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate

    Energy Efficiency: Your home must meet certain energy efficiency standards. An Energy Efficiency Certificate (EFC) will be issued in this case. The lower the rating, the poorer the energy efficiency of your home. Your home must have an energy efficiency rating of D, E, F, or G to qualify for a first-time central heating award.

    Property Ownership: Only homeowners and private tenants are eligible for first-time central heating grants. If you are a landlord, you can inquire about the grant on behalf of your renter, but the tenant is ultimately eligible because they are the ones who pay the property’s energy expenses.

    Gas Connection: Before April 2022, your home must establish a secure gas connection. Many government incentives for central heating systems require a secure gas connection since it is a safer and more reliable source of energy for heating. Government grants for central heating strive to ensure that the heating systems installed are safe, dependable, and cost-effective by mandating a secure gas connection.

    Heating Type: Your home must not currently have central heating installed. The subsidy is intended to assist people who do not currently have central heating in their houses.

    If you’re uncertain about your eligibility, rest assured that we’ve assisted countless individuals in accessing their grants. We’re here to offer our support and guidance to you as well.

    Can I get a grant for gas central heating?

    Yes, a grant for gas central heating is available. The first-time central heating grant can cover the installation of the following types of boilers:

    1. Mains Gas Boiler
    2. Biomass Boiler
    3. LPG Boiler
    4. Air-Source Heat Pump
    5. Ground-Source Heat Pump
    6. Electric Boiler

    Cost, energy efficiency, and personal preferences influence the choice between gas and electric central heating.

    Cost: The cost of running a gas central heating system may be less than that of an electric central heating system, especially if natural gas is cheaper in your location than electricity. On the other hand, the installation and maintenance costs of a gas central heating system are normally higher than those of an electric system.

    Energy Efficiency: Because natural gas has a larger energy density and burns more effectively than electricity, gas central heating is often more energy-efficient than electric heating.

    Impact on the environment: Because natural gas is a fossil fuel, its use adds to greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, electric central heating systems can be fueled by renewable energy sources, making them a more environmentally responsible option.

    Location: The availability of natural gas and electricity can influence which sort of heating system is the best choice. Electric central heating may be a better option if natural gas is not commonly available in your location.

    Personal preferences: Some individuals enjoy the quick heat that electric heating provides, while others prefer the continuous heat that a gas system provides.

    How to Verify Your Eligibility: Determining your eligibility is as easy as reaching out to us. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Get in touch with Lamtans Engineering today, and we’ll guide you through a simple process to assess your property’s eligibility for the First Time Central Heating Grant.


    Contact us now to explore your eligibility and take the first step towards a more comfortable living space.

    Is Your Property Eligible for the First-Time Central Heating Grant?

    Are you eager to embrace the warmth and energy efficiency of central heating in your home? At LAMTANS Engineering, we’re committed to helping homeowners like you make this transition smoothly and affordably through our First Time Central Heating Grant. But how do you know if your property qualifies? Here’s a simple guide to help you determine if you’re eligible:

    1. Property Ownership: To be eligible for the grant, you must own the property. This grant is designed to assist homeowners in enhancing their living conditions and energy efficiency.
    3. No Existing Central Heating: The grant specifically aims at properties that lack a central heating system. If your property relies on alternative heating methods or lacks a heating system, you’re likely a strong candidate for the grant.
    4. Residency and Location: The availability of the First Time Central Heating Grant can vary based on your geographical location. Make sure to inquire with LAMTANS Engineering whether the grant program covers your area.
    5. Income and Eligibility Requirements: Some grant programmes may have income and eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. These criteria can vary, so it’s important to contact us to understand the specific requirements for the First Time Central Heating Grant.

    Let the professionals take care of your first-time central heating installation.

    Are you ready to take the plunge and install your central heating system? Look no further than Lamtans Engineering, where we offer the knowledge and experience to simplify and stress-free this procedure. You can rely on our expert staff to handle every aspect of first-time central heating insulation with precision and care.

    Why choose us for a first-time central heating installation?

    1. Expertise: Our technicians have extensive knowledge of various heating systems and their installation requirements. We’ll ensure your installation is done correctly, optimising energy efficiency and overall comfort.
    2. Custom Solutions: Each home is unique, as are its heating requirements. Our experts will examine your property’s layout, heating needs, and existing infrastructure to provide a heating solution tailored to your scenario.
    3. Efficient Process: Our technicians have mastered the art of efficient installation through years of expertise. This means that your daily routine will be disrupted as little as possible, and the process will be completed quickly and efficiently.
    4. Long-Term Advantages: Proper installation improves your comfort and results in long-term energy savings. Our skilled installation guarantees that your heating system performs at peak efficiency, lowering energy usage and expenditures.
    5. Peace of mind: When professionals handle your installation, you can relax, knowing the job will be done correctly. We adhere to safety requirements and ensure that all components are properly connected, giving you peace of mind.

    Need Some Help.

    A member of our team will be happy to help. We will discuss your options and help you apply for ECO 4 Funding.

    Will I have to contribute to the cost of the central heating installation?

    A first-time central heating grant is available for homeowners who need to build or repair their current boilers. The government’s Central Heating Fund (CHF) provides grants and loans for energy-saving measures such as central heating installations. You may be entitled to get up to 100% of the total cost of installing new central heating in your home, depending on your unique circumstances. This varies from property to property, so check with your local authority before applying for grant schemes.


    The CHF will consider the following factors when evaluating applications: household income; handicap status; whether you are elderly or vulnerable; and children living in the house. If authorised, you may be required to contribute money towards the installation cost based on the scheme requirements and eligibility criteria imposed by each local government. However, even if required, it should not exceed 10–15% of the total cost and may be less.

    It’s worth noting that all CHF funding has been committed for 2020–2021, but more funds become available every year, so stay tuned for information on future chances. The time it takes to install central heating in your home once authorised is mostly determined by the availability of an experienced installer in your region, as well as other considerations such as weather conditions and access constraints, which may cause completion deadlines to be delayed.


    What types of first-time central heating grants are available?

    Under the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant scheme, there are two primary categories of first-time central heating grants available:

    • First-time central heating (gas) for houses that had a gas connection and metre installed before March 31, 2022

    First-time central heating (heat pump): for houses that did not have a gas connection before the deadline or are not linked to the main gas network

    Do I receive radiators as part of the first-time central heating grant?

    Yes. Radiators are included in a first-time central heating grant, and the service includes fitting, installation, and warranties. The financing comes from a government programme called the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). Can I get cavity wall insulation if I live in a flat?

    Do I have to be a homeowner to qualify for the first-time central heating grant?

    No! If your household is eligible and you live in a home that fits the criteria, you can be a homeowner, a private tenant, or a social housing tenant. Landlords can qualify for first-time central heating incentives if their tenants are eligible

    What if I don’t have an EPC?

    If your property does not have an EPC, this is fine because the installer will arrange for one as part of the application process. They advise against obtaining your EPC because it may interfere with the application procedure